Website for one of the leading tech companies in BiH

Mistral is a place where I always felt at home, full of beautiful and inspiring people. I always felt like I belonged there, and wanted to give back to the community in some way. Following company growth and maturity, we planned to roll out a new website for our 10th anniversary (2020). We already had a nice website people liked and visited regularly, but after many years, it just became less exciting. New design trends came to light, and the company itself evolved drastically, so the option of simply editing or refreshing the current page would require as much effort as building a new one. Fresh starts are always the best choice if you can afford them.

I was working closely with our marketing team, mostly Dina Šeremet who was leading the process, and who is an awesome person to work with. She was doing research, planning, content, and overall assessment of the needs and wants. I was in charge of creating wireframes, mockups, and general UI/UX of the website. After we were satisfied with the design and everything, I proceeded to the website development with the WordPress platform. WordPress was an important segment of the project because the marketing team wanted to be able to edit any part of the website without external help. The whole process was described more in detail in the blog post I wrote. You can read it here.

Unfortunately, after the acquisition, the website has been replaced.