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While working in Mistral I got the chance to work on this new idea of improved IT education that would be different from anything similar in Bosnia. Our seniors in the industry have developed an all-encompassing program that guarantees the title of a full-stack web developer in just 9 months using a learning system that is hands-on from day zero. I was really honored to be working on something this innovative and to be trusted by the team in the important process of imagining the brand and creating foundations.

My team consisted of extraordinary people which supported me throughout the whole process. We created an atmosphere where it’s okay to fail, to learn, to explore, and to go into the unknown, and that system really gave the best results. Dina Šeremet was leading the whole process. She was responsible for copywriting, content and communication plan. But most importantly, she was a good leader, and a great buddy. Visual identity, illustrations, and general brand design were created by Mirza Selimović who is an awesome designer and a person from whom you can learn a lot of things. I was responsible for UI/UX and the development of the Paragon website.